Wait, what’s this…?

Ooooh, a mystery project!

Scherl: Day 1 (A)

I am actually making this together with my co-worker friend, who henceforth shall be known as most awesomest person ever * The D, who’s a crochet-nut like me, only with some minor motivation and follow-through issues here and there. (Yes. Don’t. Even.)

It’s something similar to all of those Temperature Scarves/Afghans out there, an example of which you can find here over at the Crochet Crowd. Only, it isn’t actually a temperature scale we are making, but… something else. Color coded. Veeeeeeeerrrrrry mysterious. Top Secret!

We’re having fun with it every day on our lunch break, and I want to share our yarn, and some progress with you today.

Just like with my Moogly CAL Afghan, we are using Schachenmayr Bravo – which comes at 1.45 € per skein in a local yarn store – in the following colorways:

8226 (black) | 8295 (light grey) | 8343 (purple-pink) | 8307 (dahlia) | 8190 (lilac) | 8303 (violet) | 8324 (turquoise) | 8335 (ocean green) | 8328 (laguna) | 8308 (ocean blue)

Scherl: Yarn

It’s a day-by-day project – way above you can see my Day 1, and right below is The D’s Day 2.

Scherl: Day 2 (D)

Raveled here.

* “most awesomest person ever” = clone of myself, as simple and amazing as that.

She made that, btw.



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