Lamp & Stitch MarkersIt’s always nice when you order something, and it arrives in your mailbox only a day and a half later!

In this case, it was a transverse flute study book that I had to get for my daughter (- yes, she’s now officially a student of a “real” instrument, I couldn’t be prouder and I hope she’ll love it as much as I think she will!) – but since I was already at it, I threw in a few things from my wishlist for good measure as well. (Who wouldn’t, right? Of course, over all my throwing in craft supplies, I forgot all about the tooth box I meant to buy for my son, who has just lost his first baby tooth last week! D’uh. STOP GROWING UP ALREADY!)

For starters, I am almost all out of the stitch markers I bought last year, because they are brittle little pieces of crap that tend to break when you as much as look sharply in their direction. DON’T BUY THESE. I saw these from KnitPro, which is a generally well regarded shop for knitting/crocheting supplies, and decided to buy a pack. Having  much higher hopes for these, seriously.

More importantly, my spot on the couch in the evenings is, unfortunately, the farthest there is from the light source. I say “my spot” because I mean this in the most literal sense of the word. I am bit of an OCD-nut in certain (- if not all) regards, and therefore it is absolutely out of the question to sit anywhere other than on MY spot. I get truly edgy and nasty when somebody else occupies it when I am about to sit down, so moving myself to where the light is, is actually not an option, even when I am the only person sitting on this couch – like right now.

Where the light is.
Where the light is.

See? Nope, not gonna happen. “So move the lamp to the other side of the couch.”, you might argue. Sure – I could. Only, I can’t. It is where it is and DONTMESSWITHTHEWAYMYTHINGSHAVETOBE!  So! What do I need, you may wonder? Why, my own light, of course. Small, so I can just neatly put it away with all my other craft supplies. Enter my new and shiny mobile clip-on LED lamp with swan neck, yay!

What I also ordered, but which you can’t see yet, because apparently it’s being shipped separately, is a set of foam puzzle mats. I think it was actually Tamara of moogly who linked to a set of those by KnitPro a while ago, to advertise them. It has never occurred to me before to use puzzle mats for blocking my crochet, but ever since my first cork board completely disintegrated with use, I’ve been looking for a better, more stable, yet flexible alternative. I really liked the idea, but at almost $30.00, I didn’t like the price tag – for all the purpose it would serve. Unfortunately, I had long since thrown away the puzzle mat we actually used for our children, what a bummer.

Puzzle MatSome searching around finally pointed me to this set – which is really adorable, because it’s not the usual crazy color combo of your typical kiddie sets – and because it comes at a much more than reasonable price, even if you factor in shipping. Can’t wait to receive it early next week, hopefully!

Right now, it’s exactly 2 more weeks until my next university exam is over – and I just can’t wait for all the relentless crocheting I will be doing immediately in its wake.


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