The plan is…

…to take a basic Lalylala pattern and turn it into two Star Wars figures.

Princess Leia and Boba Fett, to be exact. I already bought the pattern, and I already bought the yarn:

Schachenmayer Bravo

Schachenmayer Bravo, again. (08224 – white, 08267 – beige, 08295 – grey, 08210 – yellow, 08221 – red, 08191 – green)

I was expecting a doll maybe the size of my lower arm… but judging from Boba Fett’s head so far… I think I am in for something a lot larger! Of course I am also not using the recommended yarn (DK instead of Fingering), and a larger hook (4.5 mm instead of 2.5 mm)

See for yourselves!

Boba Fett - WIP 1

I am considering a do-over with a smaller hook – let’s see.

Raveled here.


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