Idea: Filet Crochet Curtains

Since we moved into our new place 8 months ago, the kids’ rooms have been without curtains. Just bare windows – which is something I really can’t stand. Neither of my kids wanted the cute flower curtain up anymore which they used to have in their old room, and right after the move other things have had a way higher priority than their curtains. (Currently: a complete kitchen make-over! It’s so awesome what can be done with relatively little!)

I’ve been putting off their curtains, telling myself that a simple IKEA solution won’t do, and that I will have to spend some time and search for something suitable. Until today, that is, when a quick comment in a crochet group I am a member of on Facebook set a thought process in motion in my head, which ended up with the quite ambitious statement: I’ll make them their curtains myself!

A part of them, anyway. The decorative part, that is. And seeing as we have four budgies, which my kids love with all of their hearts, budgie curtains they will be. (Yes, I realize that the link above just talks of two budgies – I still owe you the story of how two turned into four only a month later. Cue Nacho and Chili! I will get around to it at some point.)

Getting the graph to match up with the actual measurements of their windows, and with the yarn I am using, as well as with the size crochet hook I am using, was the most difficult and time-consuming part, I think. Here’s what I’ve got so far – more details will follow!Filet Curtain - WIP 1

Raveled here.

3 thoughts on “Idea: Filet Crochet Curtains

  1. I’ve always wanted to try filet crochet and I’m in awe of you tackling such a huge project (huge for me at least) 🙂 The graph looks really nice, as well as the blue color. They will look wonderful once done, I’m sure.


  2. Thanks – yeah, it’s quite the undertaking, I am aware. Especially with my tendency to start projects, get distracted, and start more projects. Ugh. Going to try to stick with these though without (much) distraction until they are done. I will have to finish the Star Wars Lalylalas inbetween, though, cause the kids are waiting for them. Let’s see how long this’ll take me!


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