The Neverending WIP Story!

Ugh, you guys. I’ve just started the Filet Crochet Budgie Curtains on a whim, because inspiration has randomly struck me – and of course when this happens, nothing will stop me from getting started on new stuff RIGHT! NOW!

So, this is what’s (most likely) going to happen with my current WIPs:

  • Filet Crochet Budgie Curtains: This is going to be the main project for now, and I will force myself to bloody stick with it and see it through until it’s done, with as few distractions as possible. The kids need their curtains!
  • Lalylala Boba Fett & Princess Leia: The only distraction I am going to allow myself while making the curtains, just because my kids are excited about their “surprise” and I don’t want to leave them waiting too long for it. Besides, I am curious to see the outcome myself, and Lydia of Lalylala has offered to maybe put up my mods on her website for download, which quite tickles my fancy, actually. So there is a really good reason to finish these things, and soon too.
  • Mystery Scherl: Ongoing project, since I am working on this every day a bit with The D during lunch break.
  • Pyjama Bears: Oh, these forsaken things! I’ve been not wanting to finish these for months now, just can’t be arsed – yet my kids are eagerly awaiting them. My daughter has already made me promise to finish them at some point. And I will. After the Star Wars Lalylalas. Just have to get those out of the way already, they are like my own personal ball-and-chain of unwanted WIPs.

If I love the curtains I am making, I am also considering doing another one for our newly remodeled kitchen. The yarn color will have to be gray, since gray is now the dominating color in there, and the theme will either have to be something fantasy-themed, or – and I am leaning more towards this second option – something in the style of Mexican papel picado. My own private Mexican Geo will love that, I am sure.

Everything else I am putting officially on hold for right now, but will finish after I am done with all of the above in the following order:

  1. Moogly CAL 2015/16 (I can’t actually finish this all at once, but will continue to work on it inbetween other projects.)
  2. Elise Shawl (For my daughter.)
  3. Shawlette (For my MIL.)
  4. Flower Scarf (For someone special.)
  5. Pretty Basic Shawl (For myself.)
  6. Radiant Eyelet Shawl (Also for myself.)
  7. Snowball Scarf (For my daughter.)
  8. Airy Wrap (For myself.)
  9. Kreisel Fingerless Gloves (For myself.)
  10. Brian May Cushion Cover (Because Queen.)

(Holy shit, woman.)

I think I am pretty much set for the entire rest of the year. And I solemnly swear, not to impulse-start yet another… aaaah – who am I kidding??? I’ll try, ok? That’s the best I can promise. I do have quite a lot of free time these days, too, seeing as my latest university exam is now thankfully a thing of the past. 2 more weeks until the new semester starts, and even then I will not immediately plunge into all the stress right away. What actually keeps me from crocheting as much as I would love to right now is something else entirely… which sucks, because it also keeps me from sleeping as much as I would need to. (Having all sorts of free time all of a sudden is a peculiar thing – it actually stresses me to get as much FUN in as I possibly can, before the uni mayhem starts all over again. Go figure.)

(Read a few pages for my German Literature Project? Make another CAL square, or finish that one lucrative mission my Twi’lek Smuggler is currently on? Add a head to Lalylala Boba Fett, or add a few levels to my Cyborg Jedi Sage? The struggle is REAL, you guys!!!)

Filet Curtain - WIP 2Anyway. I promised more details on the Budgie curtains, so here we go.

I used this image to create 4 different sets of 4 birds sitting on a perch, then plugged the results into the knitPro web app to turn my images into crochet-able grids. The hard part was to figure out how many stitches will amount to 1 meter in length, and then turn my grid into something workable with the amount of stitches required, which was actually quite a bit of fumbling around. In the end I made a chainless single crochet foundation row of 212 stitches. Blocked, the length will amount to 1 meter as planned, but if all else fails I can still add some width afterwards, if needed.

I am using Gründl Four Season’s Häkelgarn 100 in my daughter’s favorite color turquoise. It’s a very bright and intense color, and my mind’s eye can already see the awesomeness, when the sun will hit it through her west-facing window in the afternoons!

I am also using a size 3.00 mm hook, which I realize might be just a tiny bit too large – but let’s see how it’ll turn out. For now, I think it works up relatively fast, considering I have to go 1 meter across for one row, and the pattern seems simple enough. It helps that the turqouise is an absolute joy to work with! Can’t wait to see this one finished. For my son’s, I will have to get a sunny yellow yarn, since this is the dominant color in his room.

The 212 stitches of the foundation row amount to 106 little squares across, and I will have to make a total of 70 rows. All of this times 4 – 2x turquoise, 2x yellow – and you’ll probably have me a bit cuckoo by the end of this process. Maybe I’ll find a source of neverending patience I can tap into at some point. W00t!

Raveled here.


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