Ribbit… and starting over.

Remember when I said that figuring out the correct amount of stitches was a whole lotta fumbling for this ole’ Crochetophile? Well. Things became interesting after I finished the first 5 rows and started with the budgie pattern in row 6 and things didn’t add up.

Things didn’t add up!!! Whut??? It really shouldn’t be this difficult to count to 106, should it?. Turns out: the pattern didn’t actually call for 106 stitches, but roughly 10 more. Please don’t ask me how this happened, I am mortified by this mistake!

My first impulse was to be smart and just add the missing stitches to existing piece. I already had 5 rows done and really did not want to start over. So I did. And I actually did a really good job in making the add-on quite invisible, wouldn’t you say?

All set! So I began with row 6 one more time – only to find out that after all my adding and fixing things, I was still off by 1 grid hole.


I counted and re-counted and couldn’t find a single mistake in my row 6, so I went to my add-on – and realized that I had messed it up there. Somewhere in the middle of it, I had skipped a hole… the consequence of which now showed in row 6.

Mortification multiplied!

So… dump my whole grand idea of making curtains altogether, due to my through-the-roof frustration level? Or grind my teeth, accept that I cannot count to 120, and start the whole thing over?

Of course I started over. A clean version – 120 holes to the grid – no more crappy add-ons. My daughter has been puking her poor little guts out last night and awoke this morning with a face color closely resembling my freshly washed sheets, which means that I am home from work today, caring for my sickie, with lots of time on my hands to make up for the lost rows. (Next mistake of this magnitude, and I am tossing this thing out, I swear!)


One thought on “Ribbit… and starting over.

  1. Ugh! I know your feels. I have had counting issues and I don’t know how I mess up with it. I know how to count! What is happening?! Lol
    Hope your little one feels better.


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