WIP Notes: Filet Crochet Curtains & Mystery Scherl

The Scherl is coming along nicely! I admit that I am quite lazy with the weaving in of ends, kind of as I thought I would be – and obviously I will really hate myself for this slight afterwards.

The Scherl now spans the entire width of my desk at work, and the color coding is nothing short of amazing! Great things can be done on lunch break each day!

We’re not quite on track with our schedule as we’d hoped we would be, because apparently not enough can be done on lunch break each day, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a fun project and the more of the Scherl’s final look emerges, the more fun it is working on it!

The curtain is more fun than expected as well. It actually works up faster than I had feared, too, and my daughter is thrilled about the pattern slowly starting to show.

Generally, I am a little on the tired side, though – private life is interfering with my peace and quiet of the mind on a very enormous scale. Not sure if it’s going to calm down anytime soon – and at what cost – but I am still trying to get as much crochet in as I possibly can, before snapping inside, even though I don’t much feel like it these days. Curling up into a ball beneath my blanket all day feels more like a desirable activity to me, but these curtains won’t crochet themselves now, will they?


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