Boba Fett – WIP Notes, or: blogging during lunch break

Boba Fett - WIP 3I’ve found some motivation to work more on Boba Fett, who’s been laying around as a sad little half-filled sack of arms and legs on my couch table for quite a while now. I had made the initial head all out of green yarn, thinking I’d be making a full helmet – but then I changed my mind, because I think it’ll be cuter if the Lalylala just wears a Boba Fett hood instead.

So I made a new head, skin toned.



Which, all by itself, stitch counters and all, already looks like it could be from some Star Wars movie or another, don’t you think?

I then thought, I could just unravel half of the previously made green head, compare what’s left with the instructions for the hood, adapt – et voilá. Only…

Boba Fett - WIP 4What exactly happened here? I am completely freaked and weirded out. I have checked and double checked the pattern, have even re-worked it almost from scratch one more time – and still, same result.

Obviously I have used the same hook size for the entire doll, and the yarn is all uniform too. Same brand, same weight – everything. This is a complete mystery to me, so after some huffing and puffing and getting frustrated, I unraveled the hood again, and just kind of winged it, until it fit the head. I made it work in the end, but since I have absolutely no clue where I went wrong in the pattern (- I really didn’t, if you want my honest opinion), I have not tracked my personal adaptation of the hood for the pattern of my mod. For all intents and purposes just follow the instructions of the original purchased Lalylala pattern and see where it takes you. And share your experiences, if you do.

This, as of now, is my final hood, as far as the shape is concerned. Boba-Fett-y details are still missing, for which I will use this crochet hat as reference. Getting close, now! Here’s a preview of the full doll:

Boba Fett - WIP 7


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