WIP Notes: Filet Crochet Curtains

Why, hello there. Still here, huh – which for sure is more than I can say for myself these days. It seems like my warm-season-crochet-refusal has started way earlier than it normally does, despite the fact that it isn’t even really warm yet.

Nah, scratch that. Actually – let’s be honest: it’s got nothing to do with the warm-season-funk, but everything to do with this chick:

Evaeri VoxShe’s Evaeri Vox, my main SWTOR character, a level 65 Jedi Sage, and my biggest time-waster as of late. It’s horrible, I don’t even dare telling you how much time I currently spend with this game whenever I have time to spend – and how little I care about much of anything else at the moment.

It seems to be the exact type of reality-escape that I need these days, so to hell with any and all excuses I was about to make for myself for totally nerding out like this – it is what it is, and I’ll do it for as long as I need to do it – which might just be quite a while longer. It lifts a lot of stress and worry off my preoccupied and tired mind, and there is nothing much else I am asking for these days.

Needless to say, my 2 current main WIPs have been hibernating. I have put the making of Lalylaleia completely on hold, much to the chagrin of my daughter, and also the Filet Crochet Curtains lay dormant. Not as much as Lalylaleia, though – because by now we have finally managed to turn our sad, dirty terrace into the kind of outdoors-living room that I love to have (before it gets too damn hot to really enjoy it anymore), so sometimes I find myself sitting outside with the curtains in hand…

And when I say “outside”, this is what I mean:

Isn’t it ever so comfy? Last summer we had the table and the rocking chairs set up opposite to how they are right now, but inspiration had struck me, and we all ended up liking it way better the way it is set up right now, because for some reason it creates the illusion of more space. So this really is my most favorite space to crochet at home – what’s left for us to do is to put up a stable barrier so that we can be outside with the door open, but our birds stay inside where they belong.

Anyway – crochet. The curtains. I’ve crept up to row 32 by now, and I would be long done with one of them, had I done a little bit every day. They really don’t take nearly as long as I had feared, and I really need to get my act together and work on them more. And in order to do that, I have created a page in my Bullet Journal that is dedicated to my curtains – and since I love using my Bullet Journal so damn much, I think the simple prospect of coloring in a little square for each finished row will make me keep at it a little more steadily. 32 rows? They look like this:

What’s on your hooks these days?


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