New WIP: Baby Blanket #7

So I’ve been crocheting away at my son’s Filet Crochet Curtain, and have not been straying away from my plans by starting anything new – except for some Tunisian Crochet project that is, which I will talk about here later… ahem. (Sorry, I was just trying out a new skill is all! I am putting it aside, I swear.)

However, seeing as the first real heat wave of the season has just struck my city a couple of days ago, I became acutely aware of how late it is already… late in terms of my best friend’s wife’s pregnancy. Baby’s coming in September, and it’s nearly July… time’s running out rather quickly!

Well, Crochetophile – well done. Procrastinatrix. The belly is round, the baby weighs in at over 1 kg already… and whythehellareyounotonthisforthelongesttimealready???

My best friend’s wife seemed quite taken with the Owl Obsession blanket I made some three years ago:

So an owl blanket I decided it’s going to be. Not the same one – I think I don’t have the luxury of this kind of time anymore (- and neither the patience, let’s face some actual truth here) – but something I hope will be very cute as well.

My sister had gifted me with a very nice voucher from my favorite yarn store for my birthday last year, which I had been saving for special yarn for a special occasion until now. Tell me, what could be more special than the arrival of a new human being? So today, finally, I went there and bought some wonderfully soft and beautiful-to-touch Merino wool.

It’s 100% virgin wool, each skein weighs in at 50 grams and is about 160 m long. Colorways: 432 (off-white) and 703 (rainbow) – the latter of which comes across as extremely pink-heavy on these pictures, but in reality actually isn’t. They are expecting a boy – I didn’t want to do the traditional gender colors, but be loud and colorful instead, and I think this colorway is just perfect to achieve the style I am going for. Here’s a first look:

Baby Blanket - WIP 1


What I am doing is “squaring the circle”, using these instructions by 3 Beans in a Pot for it. There will be a total of 9 20×20 granny squares with a large circle/owl in the middle, and 13 10×10 granny squares with a small circle in the middle (not all owls, probably), as well as 15 unicolor 10×10 granny squares… kind of like so:

Baby Blanket - Plan

A first sketch – something to navigate by. What I still need to figure out is how to square a very big circle, so there will be some trial and error involved, I am sure. For sure though, this wool feels wonderful to work with, it’s a true delight to let run through my fingers. I am using a 3.5mm hook for it – one of the high quality ones I got from my husband for Christmas. Can’t wait to make (and show) my progress!

EDIT: In the meantime I have a) finished my first 10×10 square and am very happy with the look of it, and b) found instructions on how to add corners to larger circles here.

Baby Blanket - WIP 2


6 thoughts on “New WIP: Baby Blanket #7

      1. I’m still learning a lot of the stitches, but right now I’m working on a mario brother blanket made out of granny squares.


      2. Right now it’s just a bunch of granny squares, but I’m close to being done. I plan on sharing the blanket on here once it’s done. 🙂


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