WIP Notes: Baby Blanket

Well – this weekend has been positively busy! I guess a break from the routine of my filet crochet was just what I needed – I managed almost 11 granny squares for the baby blanket, on top of a rather time-consuming shopping trip with the kids, and the beginning of another project which has nothing to do with crochet: we are doubling the living space of our four budgies, which occupied pretty much all day yesterday:

The second cage is still pending, obviously.

(I am not sure if this above link to my Facebook album is working, respectively why it apparently isn’t – so alternatively, you can click here to see it.)

That said, the mailman has also brought me my new little table for my balcony on Saturday, so now I don’t have to put my coffee and my crochet stuff on the floor anymore, rendering my outside crochet nook even prettier:

Crochet Nook

So here’s my Saturday morning vs. my Saturday evening:

This table, by the way, can be found here: Giardino Mosaik-Beistelltisch.

When Sunday evening eventually rolled around, this is what I ended up with:

Baby Blanket - WIP 5

I am quite happy with how this looks like, and how quickly it works up. As it is, I am positive that I will finish this blanket on time, after all.


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