WIP Notes – The Owl Motif, at last

Ugh – I know! But finally, I have it all figured out – I promise.

I actually frogged my last idea as well when I found this beautiful 12″ mandala square on Pinterest, the Dream Circle 12″ Crochet Square and Mandala by pink MAMBO.

So what I ended up with was a mixture of this one, and the last grand idea. And look at the difference to my very first attempt!

The eyes are obviously still missing and will add to the cuteness factor, but for now I am really happy with the result. Obviously, because I am doing the mandala in mostly the same yarn all the intricacies of the patterns don’t really show from afar, but it really adds texture, and I love the 2 white rounds inside the body of the owl.

So here’s what I did – just so I remember it when I do the next one:

  • I followed the pattern of the Dream Circle Mandala to the dot up to round 11, whereas I crocheted everything with my rainbow yarn – only rows 7 and 10 were done in white.
  • I then added round 8(?) from the picture tutorial of the other link: sc1 – sk1 – sc1 all around
  • Into this row, I kind of followed the picture tutorial for the owl ears, crocheting as follows: ch8 – in each of the next stitches: *(1OctTr – 1 SeptTr – 1 SextTr – 1 QuinTr – 1 QuadTr – 1 TrTr – 1 Dtr – 1 Tr – 1Dc in next stitch – 1 HDc in next stitch) – 8sc in the next stitches – repeat from *, but work from the opposite end, starting with 1HDc, ending with 1OctTr)
  • I then added 1 round of sc all around, including the owl ears
  • I turned the mandala over and worked round 12 of the Dream Circle Mandala into the back loops of round 11 on the part where the owl ears are, and just regularly into the egde of the mandala in the parts without the owl ears, making sure that positioned the ears right at the corners of this round. And since I know that what I just said makes absolutely no sense, and I had to really experiment with it a couple of times myself to get it right, kind of winging it, here’s a picture – maybe it helps.

Baby Blanket - WIP 7

Hm, well, maybe it doesn’t. Hey – I tried!

  • Anyway. After that I followed the pattern of the Dream Circle to the end.
  • 1 round of dc all around, adding (2dc – 3ch – 2dc) into each corner
  • 1 round of (1dc – 1ch – skip 1 – 1dc) all around, adding (2dc – 2ch – 2dc) into each corner
  • 1 final round of dc all around, adding (2dc – 2ch – 2dc) into each corner


It took for-e-ver to make, but there was still a bit of trial-and-error involved – I am hopeful that the next one (- or eight, rather) will go a lot quicker. If you, by the way, have no idea how to do all these crazy tall treble stitches, Moogly has an excellent description up here: Double, Triple, Quadruple, and Beyond: Tall Crochet Stitches!


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