New mystery project. Ahem.

Well – what can I do!? I was itching for some knitting for a break from all this crocheting I have been doing, and since there is a very good REASON for this mystery project, it was very justified to get started with it now.

(There is a deadline, you guys! A deadline!!!)

Mystery Project - WIP 1

But then again… I don’t have to justify my crazy pile of WIPs to anyone, do I? Actually, considering that this is the hot season during which I usually don’t touch yarn to save my life, I am currently pretty crazy about working on my projects. I am quite on a roll with this mystery thing, so I am expecting this to be done rather quickly, if I keep this attitude up. I will probably not post any updates on this, just wanted to let the internet know that I have broken my no-new-project regimen yet again… because I can!!! HA!

I have 3 weeks of vacation coming up in August, 2 of which will be spent in the Austrian mountains, and I am expecting to get a bunch of WIPs off my table during this time, and I can’t wait. (And I am so ready for this, too.)

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