Pyjama Bears – FINISHED

Oh, my. Wasn’t this the WIP of nightmares. Body parts laying around in abundance for months and months and months. It’s such an old WIP that it’s not even on my projects list of Ravelry, but the first pic of my Pyjama Bears features on my Facebook Page in December 2015:

It so happened that my nephew turned 1 last Friday, and today was the big family shindig – reason enough for me to finally get my act together and FINISH ALREADY.

So last night I made the remaining body parts: 3 arms and 2 beanies – and today in the morning I started the Pyjama-Bear-assembly-line.

Well, in the end they all turned out pretty cute – my nephew is too young to love it, obviously, but my kiddos love theirs – turquoise for my daughter, black for my son. I like them too… and I solemnly swear NOT to crochet another amigurumi for a VERY LONG while.

(Except to finish the Lalylaleia… one of these days.)

Patrones Osito

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