After finishing the newest baby blanket I picked up my daughter’s hibernating Snowball Scarf again, only to get bored with it after a few centimeters. (Seriously, I’ll be glad to have this off my needles and never ever having to touch this horrible-to-work-with yarn again. And yet, I can’t stick with it. Come on… garter stitch… row after row after row… just, ugh.)

And because I was a) so bored with the endless garter stitch, and b) on an almost 2-week-long sick leave, mostly parked on the couch, I started and finished an entire Dimholt that’s large enough to cover my 5’10” body from neck to toes. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything so quickly before.

I used almost 4 skeins of Four Seasons Gründl Tahiti Batik, the free pattern can be found here, and this is what my piece looks like:

Kind of hard to wear, though – still haven’t figured out the best way to do it, and that bugs me, because I love the look and feel of it otherwise.


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