My first Gradient Yarn and a new project, obviously.

After following a myriad of online shops of (more or less) local ladies who make custom skeins of gradient yarn for a very long time, I have finally caved in and ordered my first skein for myself.

For what it is, I think the price is very moderate (ca. 10€ for a skein with 1000 m yarn), and the store I picked very much pleased me with prompt and friendly customer service as well as a delivery way under the announced time frame.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to link to the store, as it is actually not a website or a Facebook Page, but merely a closed group on Facebook. If you speak German and are interested: Jacquelines kleines Wollstüberl.

Anyway. My skein’s color scheme is called “Thunder Cloud” and isn’t that ever so fitting?

Obviously I had to try it out immediately and cast on the Criss Cross by Dirk Gerngross on Ravelry. I used a pair of 4mm needles, but quickly found out that they were not the right size, the resulting fabric was too lose:

Criss Cross - WIP 1

I frogged it and cast it on with 3mm needles instead, and even though my brain goes something like…

Darth Vader

…at the thought of a project with small needles like that, I do believe we have a winner:

Criss Cross - WIP 1

Can’t wait for the gradient to come in… and of course I will finish the Snowball Scarf first. Promise.

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