Quickie: Braided Beanie

Snowball Scarf 2Okay, well, first things first: I did finish the Snowball Scarf for my daughter a few days ago – finally got my act together and all, so TADAA!

And it only took me like a year to finish… no big deal.

My daughter loves it, so I am happy. I wanted to make her a loop, but she quite strongly insisted I don’t do that – she wanted a regular scarf instead. Well, alright then.

In the meantime, I am working on the Criss Cross in my new, beautiful gradient yarn every day. I find the small (size 3mm) needles a bit hard to work with, so I can only do small increments at a time. Can’t wait for the first color change to come in!

At the same time, there is this Braided Beanie that seems to be very prominent in one of the (many) crocheting/knitting groups I follow on Facebook. Within the group it’s apparently going viral – and admittedly, I am not immune to it. It looks extremely pretty and comfy and warm, and it seems to be quite a quick thing to do.

There is no written instruction, just a set of YouTube videos. They are in German, but very well done, so even if you don’t understand any German you will still be able to follow the instructions easily. You can find part 1 here.

I went through my stash, and I think I found just the perfect wool for this beanie: 2 skeins of Lana Grossa “Carezza”. I also have a set of 10mm needles – so I really had no reason not to give it try.




I absolutely love how this wool looks like, and I am really happy that I have found this pattern, as the wool appears to be perfect for it. It is a bit of a thrill, however – since I only have 2 skeins of this, and the yarn had been discontinued…

On the right pic you can see what I’ve got so far. Had there not been the incident with the knife and the blood and the hospital and the stitches late last night, I would be much closer to finishing it, actually. (This works up really fast.)

(The knife and the blood and the stitches were not mine, I might add. My hobby is definitely less dangerous than my husband’s!)

On a nicer note, this also happened:

And later on, the following real-life snapshot was taken:

Too many projects, too little time…!


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