Finished: the quick Braided Beanie

Working with size 10 needles is such a breeze… I am not a very fast knitter, but my beanie is done now, 2 days after I have started it. And that’s just enough time to get me some sense of “instant gratification” – or as instant as a knitting project can ever be.

The yarn was also a real pleasure to work with, it’s so soft and fluffy, and the resulting fabric is very warm… and so cuddly that I am, in fact, sitting around on my couch at almost 1 AM with my new beanie on my head. I’ve got the pics to prove it, and I will show them to you, so you can see the awesomeness of the beanie for yourselves.

Lana Grossa "Carezza" 3Anyway. I was worried that I might not have enough yarn to finish this project, which would have been a real bummer, seeing as it had been discontinued and the grand total of skeins in my possession is 2. Well, look at what’s left.

Close call!

The two skeins gave me around 55 cm of beanie fabric, which amount to exactly 8 repetitions of the braid.

Braided Beanie WIP 2

Sewing the two ends together has been an interesting process – it’s basically needlework that, somehow, at the end produces something that looks a row of knitting and is almost invisible. Awesome, I learned something new and useful!

Nice, right? And here’s me, wearing this thing:

Now, please, make this upcoming one a PROPER winter, with appropriately icy temperatures, so I can get some good wear out of this!

Raveled here.

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