Today has been a good day, craft-wise. After finishing the Braided Beanie yesterday, I was really inspired to finish more stuff – and ended up sorting through all of my WIPs and piles of skeins of yarn, and put everything back in order, as it should be. I also unraveled some stuff that my heart really isn’t attached to and of which I know I will never ever finish.

Felt really good.

I stumbled across last year’s Antonia Wrap Around Shrug, which needed some adjustments and thus has been laying around inside my cabinet for a year, unfinished. Fished it out – and finished it, BOOM.

Lana Grossa "Elastico"Also, I finally managed to finish the 2 “Knobblies” today, which I started during last summer’s vacation. They are really quick and simple, and yet – I couldn’t be arsed. My kids were asking me for them though, so – check it out:

I used Lana Grossa “Elastico” in colors that my kids picked out for themselves. The pattern is a paid pattern from Crazy Patterns and can be purchased here: Häkelanleitung Knobblys – witzige Taschenbaumler oder knubbelige Schlüsselanhänger

And here’s what mine look like:


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