Her first Project & a Headdress for Día de los Muertos

It’s been a busy day for my daughter! Día de los Muertos is almost upon us – and since this is our cultural fall-celebration of choice (- because screw Halloween, plus: my kids are half-Mexicans), we went on a girls-only shopping trip the other day and got ourselves some artificial flowers to turn into a Mexican head-dress of sorts for the event.

Their Dad is a native Mexican artist, who – by now – has made himself a bit of a name as one of THE main organizers of the Viennese Día de los Muertos event, which will happen for the 6th year in a row next weekend. I’ve decided to give my daughter and myself a bit of an appropriate makeover this year – until I realized that my daughter would be the only beneficiary of this little project… because I will be stuck in a university seminar that will keep me busy until 9PM on Friday… and then almost all of Saturday. No DDLM for me this year, BOO. Good thing that these flowers don’t wilt until next year.

My daughter went to town with hers, diligently arranging the flowers in different ways with some tape, to see what she would like best. In the end, she gave me detailed instructions on how she wanted her flowers, and after she went to bed, I got out the hot glue gun and finished it. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken a picture of the finished thing, but I did receive one of my daughter in make-up and with her head-dress on:



She has also spent some of her day to finish her crochet “blanket” for a stuffed animal of hers that she has started some days ago. She’s been patiently working on her rows, and I must say: I am VERY impressed with the outcome. Sure, the egdes are wobbly, but look at the evenness of her stitches, that’s really impressive for her first-ever crochet project that went beyond just endless strings of chain-stitches. I still have to take a picture of the finished thing with its turquoise edge and decoration border and show it off here (- after I have sewn in the ends, of course). I think I may have passed along something to her after all. 🙂

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