A Monstrous Birthday

Not only has it been Día de los Muertos – it is also the month that officially kicks off our end-of-year-festivities, because it’s the month of my daughter’s birthday.

My favorite part of the year does indeed begin on September 1: the hot and sizzling, ugly summer days are usually all but over by then, and beautiful autumn slowly starts, heralding the inevitable onset of winter, which makes me happiest of all. The kids settle back into school and the day-to-day business goes back to normal, predictable. And when October rolls around, things finally start to get really beautiful. Nature has released its inner artist and painted all leaves in the most beautiful hues, I can snuggle back into long-sleeved and layered clothing, bury myself in a warm pile of cushions and blankets on the couch, and enjoy the hell out of all of it.

How could anybody not love this season?

The last pic is the view from my kitchen window. Yes. I know.

October doesn’t only bring the most beautiful spectacle nature has to offer, it also sets off a string of festivities that we all love around here: my daughter’s birthday, Día de los Muertos, Thanksgiving, the beginning of advent and all the beautiful things that come with it: the advent wreath, Christmas decorations, candle light, Christmas music, season markets, hot punch, cookies, gingerbread, excited kids, parties to attend. My mom’s birthday festivities… and certainly not to forget: my annual raise and my Christmas bonus, of course lots of time to knit and crochet, and finally a New Year’s festivity of some sort, followed by my own birthday, my sister’s birthday… and our annual skiing vacation.

Lots to look forward to that brings love and light during the darkest time of the year. I am never happier than during the months from September to February.

That said – and please excuse my previous drifting drivel – it was time to prepare for my daughter’s kiddie birthday bash. And as my current state of mind had it, I realized on Saturday evening that I didn’t think of buying/making any party favors for my daughter’s little guests. Zilch. I didn’t even have candy at home. Frantically, I turned to Pinterest… and found these:

Luckily, I have a lot of felt laying around, so I went to town with these things. My kids even helped out a lot and together we sat until almost 11 PM to work on the little monsters. (Well, I mostly worked and they mostly watched – but it was a nice evening anyway.)

In the end, they did take longer to make than I had expected. I sat until 2 AM on Saturday night, until I was too tired to hold the needle any longer without starting to poke myself with it, and went to bed. By that time I had resigned myself to the thought that on Sunday morning I wouldn’t – despite making plans and looking very much forward to it – be able to attend Vienna’s 1st Yarn- and Fabric-Convention, that was happening this weekend as well.

(Sacrifices for the kids, yay. I heard the convention was amazing.)

And I was right – I spent another few hours finishing off the little party monsters on Sunday morning and finished with just an hour to spare before we had to leave to the party, and we all were quite happy with the outcome:

Felt Monsters 1

My daughter was, in fact, quite over the moon with these things, and thanked me profusely, being quite happy that I wouldn’t “just” hand out candy, but made something personal for her friends instead. (Awe, shucks – that made my missing out on the Yarn-Festival all worth it, doesn’t it?)

She saw something like this on the internet, and adapted it to her own purpose for her party:

Felt Monsters 2

“Adopt a monster”

Her brother and friends loved them, and I can assure you: each monster found a good and proper new home. And in the end I didn’t get to spend more of my money on frivolous new yarn that I don’t need, because 1 million WIPs. So this worked out not only for my daughter, but for my wallet as well. Yay!

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