Same as last year, I am going to summarize all projects I have finished in 2016 in chronological order, which isn’t going to be too easy, since I have been absent from this blog for a couple of months for a couple of reasons due to massive changes in the structure of my private life, and I have kind of lost track recently. But all throughout the changes and turmoils, I haven’t stopped crocheting/knitting – although I haven’t finished nearly as many projects as I would have liked, and my WIP-stash is as large as it has ever been.


OITNB Cowl: Much like last year, this year’s first project has been a cowl for Geo. His favorite color is orange, so here goes. I didn’t use a pattern for this. Raveled here.

Bird Coloring: My one and only finished coloring page for 2016. Try as I might – I can’t really get into this craft, however: I am happy with the outcome of this one.

Mary Jane Slippers: My first ever pair of satisfactory slippers, using a pattern that you can find on my pattern page. Unfortunately, I had to throw them away a couple of weeks ago, because the soles had ripped from wear. Raveled here.

Wire Bead Bracelet: First attempt at crocheting with wire – happy with it. No pattern used, just inspiration from Pinterest. Raveled here.


Antonia Wrap-Around Shrug: Well, what can I say about this thing? I love it in theory, but I hate the reality of it, and I have worn it maybe twice this year. Maybe I used the wrong yarn… I don’t know. But it’s not a very practical thing to wear and it kind of lacks the coolness that it had on the pattern picture. Ah, well. Raveled here.

Nifty Needle Case: A quick little project I did inbetween, which turned out to be quite useful in my daily life. Raveled here.

Lion King Shirt: A co-worker needed a shirt like this for her daughter’s teacher, and approached me about it, knowing that I have a background in graphic design and quite personal connections to a textile printer. It was a quick enough job so as to not get annoyed by my old profession, and my co-worker was happy with the outcome.

Moogly Afghan CAL 2015 Block 14 #2: It seems like I have actually never written about it here – but after the designer of the 2015 Block 14 had taken her pattern offline and wasn’t available to be contacted anymore, not even by Tamara of moogly herself, I was pretty annoyed with my single square that I had managed to make before the pattern disappeared. Sometime later, however, Tamara had been able to get her hands onto a copy of the pattern using some kind of internet time machine, I think. Anyway. I was quite happy to have been able to finally finish both of my squares – and it has also been the only one of the CAL squares I have made during 2016, it seems. I will really have to get back into this again, seeing as the 2016 CAL long since wrapped up already, and I am… well… let’s say: a little bit behind on things. Raveled here.


Baby Converse All Stars: My only project in March – a gift for the baby of a new friend of mine, who was born in early April. Raveled here.


Boba Fett: I purchased one of the many Lalylala patterns and modified it a bit in order to turn it into Boba Fett – and Princess Leia, the latter of which isn’t done yet, still. Well. My son didn’t like his Boba Fett one bit and it was all he could do not to actually throw it back in my face – which upset me quite a bit (- not the fact that he didn’t like it, but the way he reacted)… but over the course of the next month Boba made it into his bed as snuggle-toy anyway. We now call it “Popo Fett”, which is German word play on “Boba Fett” and “fatass”. Raveled here.


Budgie Curtains 1/4: What was supposed to be my big main project for 2016 in the end turned out to be only 1/4 of a big project. It was actually more fun to make than expected, but even though I started with 2/4, my motivation waned a bit and I was soon distracted with other things. I will get these done, though… I still hate how my kids’ rooms are so bare and curtain-less. But then, this is actually a really nice project for the warmer days, so I may just end up picking this up in spring again. Raveled here.


Pyjama Bears: The time of these endless body parts taking up way too much space inside my WIP basket has finally come to and end. What eventually moved me to be done with these was the upcoming first birthday of my baby nephew, who one of these bears was intended for. It was enough motivation to finally get them off my hook, and it felt extremely satisfying to hand them to the three kids they were meant for. (Not raveled.)


Benjamin’s Blanket: When your oldest friend is about to have a baby, and his wife has been ooooh-ing and aaaah-ing over the last owl blanket you’ve made, what’s a girl to do? Right. Quite a challenge this one has been, however, since I invented the owl pattern and it took several attempts to get them just right. Wonderfully, though – Benjamin was born a healthy, beautiful boy, and this blanket is actually in use by his parents. It’s now their “going-out-blankie”, they tell me, and it has already survived several washes.

I am incredibly happy… because it’s the much bigger compliment when a handmade gift gets some wear and tear from loving it, rather than being put inside a closet, so as to “not ruin it” – which seems to have been the case with most of my blankets, so far. (Or people just didn’t like them, and that’s why they didn’t use them – who knows.) Anyway, it’s been quite the project, and I managed to focus on it almost without interruption, which is why I haven’t been able to finish anything else except for the PJ Bears pretty much since spring. Raveled here.


With the baby blanket off my hook, October has been a lot more productive again.

Autumn Dimholt: I have been home sick for quite a while with a mean bronchitis, so I used this time to whip out a new scarf for me. This worked up extremely quickly, despite technically covering my 5’10” frame from head to toe. Raveled here.

Snowball Scarf #2: Nothing much to say about this one… just endless, boring garter stitch… and I am glad to never having to work with this yarn ever again. Both kids love their scarves, though. Raveled here. 

Braided Beanie: This thing was all the hype for a while there in one of the Facebook groups I frequent. I wasn’t immune against it. And it was a perfect project for some yarn I had lying around without knowing what to use it for for the longest time. It’s warm and fluffy! Raveled here.

Dia de los Muertos Headdress: Another quick non-woolly project – a headdress for my daughter for 2016’s DDLM event. Artificial flowers and hot-glue-gun FTW!

Knobblies: These were meant to be done for the kids’ first day of school back in September… a deadline, which I have quite obviously missed. The kids picked their own colors and style of eyes, and they loved the outcome! They didn’t want to put it onto their school backpacks though, as was my initial intention, but just play and snuggle with them. Raveled here.

Felt Monsters: Read up about my panicky last-minute party favor production in the link provided.


Tina’s Beanie: I don’t usually do commission work anymore, but when one of my favorite little girls loses her beloved owl-beanie, who am I not to step in and ease the loss a little bit? Unfortunately, I measured this beanie on my son’s head, who is the exact same age as her, but seeing as my son has a rather large noggin and Tina… well… doesn’t… this thing slides down her forehead and covers her eyes and kind of kills the intended purpose of being actually useful. Hopefully she can wear it more easily next winter!

This project and all other projects for the rest of the year have no own entries on here anymore, as blogging has been the least of my priorities for the last months, for several reasons. Raveled here.


Cipis Dog Coat: Well, I am not quite sure what has gotten into me with this. I didn’t have the measurements of the dog it was intended for, just kind of winged it, hoping I would get it right. It was meant as a Christmas gift for my sister’s mini-dog – but I should have known that it wouldn’t work out. It ended up just a bit too tight, and my sis said she almost broke the dog’s little stick-legs in order to get him in and out. But, ah well. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Cipi's Coat 2Not a happy dog. Raveled here.

Schnee Scarf: Schnee is German for “snow”, and I got the pattern from Veronika Hug‘s “Häkeltücher“, which I have received as a birthday gift in January. I made it from a ball of yarn that my mother has given me… so for my mother’s birthday I made this scarf. I hope she likes it. Raveled here.

Aaaaaand… that’s a wrap. Not too many projects this year, but some bigger ones amongst the finished ones – and I have some exciting stuff in my WIP basket, that will get some attention as the New Year rolls around. Happy New Year, everybody!

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