Reclaiming my outdoors crochet nook

Today has been exceptionally spring-like with temperatures peaking at almost 20°C. On my west-facing balcony, I am sure it was even more in the early afternoon.

I’ve been nursing quite a flu in the last days, but I thought I was actually better today and this kind of sunshine was really motivating me to get started on waking my balcony up from hibernation. I felt the itch to do a bit more than lay in my bed/on my couch, and so I went to work. Slowly. Reeeeeally slowly. And with lots of breaks in one of my rocking chairs. I may or may not have fallen asleep sitting down, enjoying the sun on my face… but no matter. In the end the deed was done – I preened all my plants, cleared them off last season’s dried up foliage, and trimmed them down a bit. Meditative work, nothing exhausting, just sitting there, picking away. And as I did that… I saw spring emerging everywhere. The tiniest buds are breaking through the wood already, and even my strawberries made it through this really icy cold winter unscathed in the tiny pots. Everything is alive! When I thought I’d pretty much have to toss and replace all of the plants I kept outside over the winter, since we’ve had temps as low as -12°C in January for really extended periods of time. Lilac

Here’s my lilac bursting out with life.

My crochet nook is just about ready… I just need to find my cushions, I have no idea where I stored them over the winter. But today is not the day… my little adventure threw me back roughly 2 days in terms of how I feel… I really didn’t expect for this to have such an effect on me today. Teaches me to pay more attention to my body. But I guess it was worth it… because this:

Also worth mentioning is that I was approached by Veronika Hug the other day, asking me if she could use some of my photos for a presentation of hers, that she wants to show on fairs and such. For a slideshow, showing off how people use her yarns in their projects. She mentioned that she likes my pics… and naturally, this kind of stuff tickles my fancy, especially since I could use my own logo in the images. This is what I submitted:

Fancy. 🙂

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