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CrochetophileSo, I crochet. And sometimes I knit. And I do this since roughly 2010, when I rediscovered the craft after a 15-year-high-school-trauma-induced hiatus. (Really, you’d understand, if you’d have known my teacher.)

The reason for my rediscovery was the approaching baby of one of my best friends, who – I decided – desperately needed a crocheted baby blanket. And since thereafter a bunch of other friends started spewing forth babies (- myself included!), I kinda couldn’t just stop at just one baby blanket now, could I? Everybody needed to have one! So I made one. For every. Damn. Baby.

And since then I was hooked. (See what I did there?)

My stash is mighty, my tools are varied, my husband is annoyed. Him asking me to do something and me answering with “Wait, let me just finish this row.” has sort of become a daily ritual for us. (And of course – it never is just one row. Are you kidding me? I knew you’d understand.)

Occasionally these days I also pick up the knitting needles, but I am really not too good at that, despite having grown up to the steady rhythm of my mother’s ever-clacking needles. (That woman can do some magic with these, let me tell you.) Personally, I just feel more comfortable with a hook, generally.

So, welcome to my website. It’s sort of an addition to my Facebook Page and I am not quite sure yet where I am going with this. (Oh, and in case you were wondering: I am in my mid-thirties, have 2 kids and 1 husband, I work full-time in the pharmaceutical industry, and I also study Cultural Science at University. I may or may not have some friends and a social life as well, I just can’t remember at the moment.)

Read on, and enjoy.

The Crochetophile.

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