Here you can find a comprehensive list of all the patterns I used for my projects, or have mentioned somewhere in the blog, with direct links to their sources.

If you find any broken links, please do not hesitate to let me know via the comments!

-#- Snowflake (C) | Snowflake, free pattern by Snowcatcher


 Civilknit's Airy Wrap (K) | Airy Wrap, free pattern and © image by Civil Knits
Amigurumi Dolls (C) | Amigurumi, free pattern by Stitch
IMG_9708 (C) | Antonia Wrap-Around Shrug, free pattern by Jarta Jasmine Designs


Crochet Advent Calendar - Day 23 (C) | Belirosa, free (German) video tutorial by nadelspiel
Be Still My Heart Snowflake (C) | Be Still My Heart Snowflake, free pattern by Snowcatcher
Blizzardine Peak Snowflake (C) | Blizzardine Peak Snowflake, free pattern by Snowcatcher


Baby Jacket (K) | Chaqueta de Bébé a dos Agujas, free (Spanish) pattern by creativa atelier
NYE Bookmarks (C) | Clover (Bookmark), free pattern by Annoo’s Crochet World
Crochet Baby Converse All Stars 1 (K) | Converse All Stars, free pattern by Cool Ideas
Cozy Slipper Boots (C) | Cozy Slipper Boots, free pattern and © of the image by SMP Craft
(C) | Criss Cross, free pattern by Dirk Gerngross


DIW Mystery CAL - section 02 (C) | Design Improv Workshop #2, free CAL by several designers – all listed when you follow the link.
Autumn Dimholt (C) | Dimholt, free pattern by Jasmin Räsänen
Dream Circle (C) | Dream Circle 12″ Crochet Square and Mandala, free pattern and © of the image by Pink Mamo


Elise Shawl (Crochet in Color) (C) | Elise Shawl, free pattern by Evan Plevinski, © of the image by Crochet in Color
El Punto Snowflake (C) | El Punto Snowflake, free pattern by Snowcatcher
Crochet Advent Calendar - Day 24 (C) | Erinuit, free (German) video tutorial by nadelspiel


Family Square 1 (C) | Family Square, free pattern by Busting Stitches
Fortune's Shawlette (C) | Fortune’s Shawlette, free pattern and © of the image by moogly
French Corner 12" Crochet Square 1 (C) | French Corner 12″ Square, free pattern by Yarn by Yarn Obsession


nadelspiel's Geschenksanhänger (C) | Geschenksanhänger (crochet ornaments), free (German) video tutorial by nadelspiel
nadelspiel's Glasuntersetzer (C) | Glasuntersetzer (glass coasters), free (German) video tutorial by nadelspiel
Granny's Shining Star 2 (C) | Granny’s Shining Star Square, free pattern by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Jute Basket (C) | Inside Out Jute Bowl, free pattern and © of the image by Crochet in Color
DROPS Design: Into The Woods (K) | Into The Woods, free pattern by DROPS Design


King's Crown Snowflake (C) | King’s Crown Snowflake, free pattern by Snowcatcher
Kreisel Fingerless Gloves (C) | Kreisel Fingerless Gloves, free pattern and © of the image by Knitting and so on


Boba Fett Lalylala (C) | Lalylala Boba Fett, based on the paid lalylala ROCO the Racoon pattern by Lydia Tresselt (€6.60)
Freddie Mercury (C) | Lover of Life, Singer of Songs, based on the free SimplyAmis pattern by By Hook, By Hand


Mary Jane Slippers (C) | Mary Jane Slippers, free pattern by Calypso Gray
Crochet Advent Calendar - Day 22 (C) | Milanea, free (German) video tutorial by nadelspiel
Let's Knit's Multiway Wrap (K) | Multiway Wrap, free pattern by Let’s Knit


The Never Ending Wildflower 1 (C) | The Never Ending Wildflower, free pattern by Little Monkeys Crochet
Nifty Needle Case 3 (C) | Nifty Needle Case, free pattern by moogly


OITNB Cowl (K) | OITNB Cowl, free pattern by crochetophile
Michael's Blanket - Detail (C) | Owl Obsession, a paid pattern by Marken (€5.31)


Patron Osita con Pijama (C) | Patrón Osita con Pijama, free (Spanish) pattern and © of the image by con A de artesanía
Crochet Pinwheel Afghan Square 1 (C) | Pinwheel Afghan Square, free pattern by one dog woof
Pretty Basic (K) | Pretty Basic, free pattern and © of the image by Janina Kallio
Bisexual Pride Ring (C) | Pride Ring, free pattern by crochetophile


Radiant Eyelet Shawl (K) | Radiant Eyelet Shawl, free pattern and © of the image by Rozetti Yarns
Baby Blanket - WIP 2 (C) | Retro Circles, free pattern by Three Beans in a Pod


Snowflake for Lisa (C) | A Snowflake for Lisa, free pattern by Snowcatcher
Tea Light Cozy (C) | Snowflake Tea Light Cozy, free pattern by Wendy Bickford
Solstice Sun Rising 2 (C) | Solstice Sun Rising, free pattern by Hodgepodge Crochet
Spring Burst 12" Square 2 (C) | Spring Burst 12″ Square, free pattern by Pattern Paradise
Springtime Lily Pond Afghan Square 1 (C) | Springtime Lily Pond Afghan Square, free pattern by The stitchin’ Mommy
Final version, sans eyes (C) | Squaring Large Circles, free tutorial by Susan Pinner
Starburst Square 1 (C) | Starburst Square, free pattern by Trifles N Treasures
nadelspiel's Sternchenmuster (K) | Sternchenmuster (star pattern), free (German) video tutorial by nadelspiel


Tamara 12" Square 1 (C) | Tamara 12″ Square, free pattern by The Crochet Lounge (This pattern seems to unfortunately be offline now and the designer cannot be reached anymore.)
Tamara's Kismet Square 2 (C) | Tamara’s Kismet Square, free pattern by Jessie At Home
nadelspiel's Teelichthalter (C) | Teelichthalter (tea light cozies), free (German) video tutorial by nadelspiel (There are a total of 4 videos for this. If you can’t find the others, please go to my blog post, I have them all linked there separately.)
Crochet Advent Calendar 2 - Day 16 (C) | Tischdecke “Ananas” (pineapple doily), a paid (German) pattern by nadelspiel (€2.99)


UnBroken Hearts 2 (C) | UnBroken Hearts Granny Square, free pattern by Posh Pooch Designs


Whimsical Penelope's 12" Merry Go Round 1 (C) | Whimsical Penelope’s Merry Go Round, free pattern by simply collectible
Windmill Square 2 (C) | The Windmill Square, free pattern by Cre8tion Crochet